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Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Your puppy will be exposed to many dangerous diseases throughout their life. It is extremely important that you start vaccinating your puppy when they are young so that you can prevent them from ever contracting these serious, and potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Common preventable diseases

As your puppy’s immune system is still developing, they are more vulnerable to contagions. Many of the diseases that vaccinations protect against are common in our environment but are ultimately preventable.

The most common vaccinations that puppies receive are:

  • Canine distemper

  • Canine hepatitis

  • Canine parvovirus

  • Parainfluenza virus

  • Bordetella bronchiseptica

TIP: Your puppy should not go into "at risk of disease" areas or interact with dogs that are not up to date on their vaccination schedule until 2 weeks after their third vaccination, otherwise they will be at risk of contracting canine parvovirus and other diseases.

Puppy vaccination schedule

  • 6-8 weeks – first vaccination

  • 10-12 weeks – booster vaccination

  • 14-16 weeks – final puppy vaccination

  • Every 12 months after – annual booster vaccinations

First vaccination

Your puppy’s first vaccination can be given from when they are 6-8 weeks old.

Booster vaccinations
Your puppy needs 2 booster vaccinations to generate enough immunity to protect them. Their booster vaccines must be given 3-4 weeks apart and one of them must be after the puppy is 12 weeks old as this is the age at which the immunity from the puppy’s mother is decreasing. 10-14 days after your puppy has finished their course of vaccinations, they can be taken out at risk public areas.

Annual booster vaccinations

One year after receiving their third and final vaccination as a puppy, your dog needs to have their first booster vaccination as an adult. These are given annually for the rest of your pet’s life to keep your dog fully protected. Some newer vaccines last for longer and therefore do not require annual booster vaccinations; the team at Pelican Waters Vet will let you know when your dog is next due.

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